Site Preparation

Site Preparation

The vital digital infrastructure industry is expanding and attracting great amounts of fresh investment. The coming years present possibilities, but also problems that only a few data centers are likely to effectively handle.

The operational and capacity requirements indicated in their initial designs are rarely met by data center facilities. The introduction of new technologies, blade servers for instance, which require significant incremental power and cooling capacity; the pressure to consolidate multiple data centers into fewer locations; the requirement for incremental space; changes in operational procedures; and potential changes in safety and security regulations all combine to impose constant facility changes on the modern data center.

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In data center facilities, the underlying rule is to build for flexibility and scalability. This rule incorporates several key principles such as site selection, building selection, floor layout, electrical system design, mechanical design, and the concept of modularity, which allows the data center facility to change and adapt as needed with minimal renovation and change to basic building systems.

The key to a successful, long-term data center facility is to think of it as a receptacle for equipment and activities, as well as an interconnected system in which each component must be evaluated in terms of flexibility and scalability.

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