Environmental Monitoring Systems

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Environmental Monitoring Systems

The sheer number of devices, velocity, and IoT structure will increase the amount of real-time IoT data, forcing providers to cope with associated data center difficulties in security, capacity, and analytics.

For Data Centers attempting to handle the whole information environment as "homogeneous entities," IoT design creates considerable challenges. This makes monitoring and controlling local or dispersed assets, as well as building data, critical to company interests and values.

It is also worth noting that the enormous volume of IoT data is expected to cause governance challenges, such as the need for increased network and distant storage bandwidth, as well as the need to back up masses of raw data.


Common Data Center Challenges

PMG receives a large number of inquiries about how its Data Center Monitoring Solutions help improve the performance and atmosphere of Data Centers, Server Rooms, and Data Closets. PMG can assist with the following environmental and operational Data Center issues:

  • Server rack temperatures
  • Water Detection under subfloor
  • Efficient energy use and consumption
  • Access to secure areas
  • Environmental control
  • Airflow and cooling systems

Anywhere ... all the time!

The value of ease, flexibility, cloud-based, and mobile access to system data cannot be overstated nowadays. PMG's Data Center Environmental Monitoring systems monitor Data Center activities from anywhere in the globe at all time, securely collecting data and sending alerts when circumstances exceed predetermined criteria.

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If data center environmental control systems fail to meet set specifications, our system may send warnings to numerous contacts through text message, email, phone call, or even to a local warning system, informing nearby staff.

This not only removes the possibility of human error, but also saves time and money by providing visibility and control over your data, whether it is stored in a huge off-site facility, an internal server room, or a data closet.