Modular Data Centers

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Modular Data Centers (All-In-One)

The quantity of raw data generated by IoT devices and other sources outside of a data center or the cloud is predicted to skyrocket.

Enterprises are migrating to a distributed data center topology that incorporates regional edge and local edge data centers in order to minimize the bandwidth costs, latency, and security problems involved with transporting all of that data to centralized data processing facilities.

Processing data as near to its source as feasible can provide immediate economic benefits, but companies encounter problems when faced with the reality of rapidly establishing several data centers at scale.

The modular data center is the appropriate answer to this challenge. For enterprises wishing to execute an edge computing strategy, prefabricated modular data centers provide outstanding value. Among the advantages are:


SpeedĀ  - Modular data centers may be built concurrently with site preparation, which expedites installation.


Quality - Modular data centers are constructed using standard factory-controlled methods and are thoroughly tested before delivery.


Manageability - Customers may simply manage and monitor various data center locations thanks to standardized architecture and predictable performance.


Cost - Modular data centers are prefabricated, resulting in reduced labor and material expenses, as well as lower engineering expenditures.


Future proofing - Because the modular architecture is built for simple expansion, businesses may right-size their initial purchase rather than overbuild to cater for expected future growth.

With its straightforward Modular Data Center All-in-One solutions that can be created in a short period of time, PMG is pushing the modular approach to the next level. Customers may select from different available basic designs and benefit from the speed and cost reductions that meet best their budgetary plans.

20' ISO Container
40' ISO Container
25' Module
45' Module
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Our Modular Data Center All-in-Ones are designed for enterprises wishing to implement edge computing solutions in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, education, logistics, industrial, manufacturing, and oil and gas.

Furthermore, telecom, IT solution providers, and content delivery network providers are benefiting from the Modular Data Center product line's fast delivery time, optimal price, security, and management.

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