Micro Data Centers

micro data centers 1 (1400 x 700)

Micro Data Centers

Micro Data Centers are factory-built and designed primarily for IT edge applications. The Micro Data Center, which is available in a variety of configurations, is delivered in days and deployed in hours. Choose between different cabinet sizes, two independent cooling techniques (split and self-contained), backup, and the ability to connect a UPS.

In addition, an intelligent switched PDU with monitoring of all components and a full software package round out the solution.


Key Benefits

Plug and Play” - It is a fully produced "plug and play" mini data center that can be supplied in days and deployed in hours. Because all components are integrated and matched to each other, project planning expenses are reduced. Power and network must be connected, and cooling incorporated into the building or the pre-filled external condenser must be constructed if necessary. Once installed, activities may commence, cutting installation expenses significantly.

Highest availability - Only the best industry-standard components have been chosen for the Micro Data Center to ensure unrivaled dependability and maximum longevity of your IT equipment. All of these components work in tandem to offer the IT asset with the optimal conditions for continuous functioning. During a utility power failure, the UPS keeps the cooling system and IT assets running without interruption. In the event of a cooling system failure, integrated backup ventilation allows for continuous operation.

Remote monitoring and control - Remote monitoring and control that is reliable and well-designed is critical for the operation of edge applications at remote areas without IT employees on site. The Micro Data Center includes both local and remote monitoring. The PDU may be switched and monitored per output, allowing for remote control of the program. The Micro Data Center application software may be integrated into a data center infrastructure management system (DCIM).

Low operational cost – The Micro Data Center is intended to have the lowest operational expenses feasible. Its cooling device adapts the cooling to the actual IT heat dissipation and so consumes only as much energy as necessary by employing speed-controlled fans and a compressor.

Features Overview

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Ideal for Multiple Applications


The Micro Data Centers come in 42U and 24U sizes, with options to tailor the data center solution to the environment. They can be used in commercial applications (such as open office spaces, retail, education, and healthcare facilities), typical IT environments, harsh environments (such as warehouses and factory floors), remote locations, unconditioned areas, light industrial areas, and a variety of other applications.